Why Blossom Baby Clothes?

The name was created as an attempt at an alliteration (trying to start several words in a row with the same sound). We actually considered some of the following names for our online shop: blossom baby beautique, budding baby clothes, beautiful baby beautique, etc. etc…

After agonizing over what we should name the shop, we decided that Blossom Baby Clothes was the best fit as we are looking for extremely cute baby clothes. We’ve noticed that a lot of the baby shops out there are pushing for retro clothes, or for funny clothes, or for politcal clothes, but somewhere along the way they forgot that mothers want their baby in high quality, cute clothes. Those are the mothers we proudly serve.

This site is dedicated to providing you with the best resources about baby onesies on the Internet. If you find a site that you would like to submit, please mention it on our blog.

Who is Kristen DeCourcy?

I wouldn’t be giving credit where credit is due if I didn’t mention Kristen somewhere on the site. She is the creator of the adorable baby clothes that you see on this site (owner of verykiki.com). She is currently an 8th grade teacher looking to become a full time creator of cute baby items. I would say that she is well on her way. I ran into her site verykiki.com when I was scouring the Internet for something that I would want my own baby to wear. Her clothes rock, and she has 100 percent positive feed back at her shop! Very impressive.

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