Some of you want to know whether baby onesies are a good gift for baby showers. Well we here at blossom baby clothes we wanted to give you our humble opinion on the matter. Basically, there are two trains of thought: (1) baby onesies are a timeless gift that will always be a great present and (2) while baby onesies are a great gift, they should be supplemented by something else.

We here tend to agree with the first train of thought due to the numerous benefits of baby onesies . They allow the diaper changer easy access to that favorite region of the body, making it easier to change the diaper. They stay in one place as the baby wiggles all over, and they can be used for multiple purposes (just as a shirt or as an entire outfit for the day). Perhaps the best reason to give baby onesies as a gift is that they are relatively inexpensive.

The fact that baby onesies are relatively inexpensive leads us to the second train of thought. I’ve found baby onesies that only cost $6.99 at some stores such as Wal-Mart. Many gift givers feel that this is not enough money to spend on a gift and so baby onesies should be supplemented with some sort of other gift. I’m not telling you to be stingy, but a gift is a gift, if you want it to be something special then money won’t make the difference, but time will. Spend some time writing the person a letter or make them something that you had to do yourself. Money doesn’t make a gift special!

Do you think giving a person a baby onesie is enough? Feel free to comment below.