Ever wondered why expecting mothers’ most popular gift is a baby onesie? The truth is that baby onesies provide several comforts to mothers that traditional newborn baby clothes do not. Below five practical benefits are listed.

#1 – Inexpensive
I’ve seen some awesome baby onesies for only $7 at stores like Wal-Mart and Target. I’d like to see you buy an entire outfit for $7.

#2 Diaper Access
If you are an expecting Mom, you’re probably not that excited about all of those diapers that await you (I know I wasn’t). Changing diapers can be hard work (especially if somehow the baby pooped out of his diaper while you were holding him or her), baby onesies make changing diapers a little easier because you can unsnap the baby clothing instead of having to take the clothes off every time you change the diaper.

#3 – The Onesie Doesn’t Move All Over
Babies wiggle a lot and they can easily become agitated if their clothes are moving all over the place (having an agitated baby is not good). Normal clothing does tend to move around a lot more than a one piece does.

#4 – Cute
Babies look extremely cute in bodysuits. The funny sayings on them make your baby look even cuter.

#5 – Multiple Uses
Baby onesies can simply act as a shirt on your baby by putting pants over the baby onesie. Or the baby can wear the onesie by itself and still be just fine. Multi-use clothing comes in handy when it comes to babies.

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