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Baby Headbands With Flowers: Pricing and Accessorizing

Now that I have a baby girl (she’s two weeks old as of the writing of this article) I finally understand my wife’s obsession with baby headbands. Before our little girl was born, my wife was seriously in a frenzy making and buying these little headbands. She kept showing them to me, and I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention when she did. However, now that I’ve seen these baby flower headbands on my precious baby girl, I have to admit they are, for lack of a manlier word, cute.

Pricing Information

The prices of all the baby headbands are listed above. I honestly don’t recommend buying these cute items used. It is true that you can purchase the headbands used and save a little bit of money, but is it really worth it? I mean, when it comes to clothing, you honestly never know where something has been. The amount of money you save is very little and it probably isn’t worth the peace of mind you get from buying something new.

If you are going to buy a special baby headband with some sort of flower or other ornament attached to it, then this will probably cost you around $5 to $10. However, if you are buying these baby girl headbands in bulk you can get them for much cheaper. If you are simply looking for the headbands (without flowers or anything) then you can buy packages of 15 for less than ten dollars. This is a great solution for those of you who would rather make your own flowers and attach them to the band.

If you are looking to buy the headbands with the flowers attached, then you will probably be paying around $2 per headband. Note that these usually come in bulk packages: this means that you will get something like 12 headbands with flowers for $20.


One option that many mothers love is what is coined the “three for one” option. This means that the headbands come with a detachable flower (or other ornament). If you buy a package like this, then you have three options: (1) Have the baby simply wear the headband, (2) have the baby wear the headband with a flower on it, or (3) simply have the baby wear the flower. The detachable flower gives you lots of freedom to dress baby up exactly how you want.

Whether you decide to buy a single headband or a package of headbands with all the bells and whistles, chances are you will be happy with how your baby looks. It really doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, she’ll look cute; trust me.