While baby onesies are terrific, they do lack one aspect that other baby clothes can provide: gloves. Normally onesies don’t really cover your baby’s arms. They definitely don’t cover your baby’s hands even if you get long sleeves. Why is this a problem you ask? For some unknown reason, babies love to scratch themselves, a lot.

Not all babies will be born with long fingernails which may prevent this scratching problem; my son was not so fortunate. From the minute he came out of the womb, he was scratching himself on the face (really hard to watch). Babies’ hands are inexplicably drawn towards their faces, one of the many discoveries I’ve learned about babies. As you can see in this photo, my baby boy is trying to scratch his face; however, the gloves that are built on to his baby clothes are not allowing him to do so. I’ve yet to run into any baby onesies that come with this feature, if you find any then please let me know where in the comment box found below.

Some may say that not having hand protection is a weakness of baby onesies. While I agree with this sentiment, it is also important to note that this problem can be easily resolved by buying baby gloves. Feel free to post good locations to buy baby gloves in the comment box below.