Making Your Own Baby Onesies

This post is dedicated to the concept of creating your own baby onesies for your children. There are advantages and disadvantages to making your own onesies: the other option being to just buy ones that other people have made.

Important Side note: when we say making your own onesie, we’re not talking about actually sewing the thing yourself, we’re talking about going to a user-friendly website where all you have to do is upload the picture and type in what you want. Of course if you want to hand stitch one, that’s your prerogative.

Using Internet shops is the best and easiest way we have found for making baby onesies. (This is a great way make an “I’d rather be naked” onesie or to add any other favorite saying to the baby clothing). Once your at the web page simply type in the saying you want and then you can choose the text color/style and even put a picture if you want!

One of the benefits of making a baby onesie yourself is that you can put your own funny sayings on the onesie. If you are looking for some funny sayings to spark your brain cells, just try googling “funny baby onesies sayings”.

Another benefit of making your own baby onesies is that you can put pictures on them. I have a picture of my Mom and Dad on my baby boy’s onesie and my parents absolutely love me for it! I highly recommend this.

A disadvantage of making your own onesie is that it can take a little bit more time and energy. Sometimes it is nice to see a onesie that someone else has made and not have to use your own creative juices.

Let us know what your opinion is on making your own onesies.

Another cool idea for making your own baby clothing:

Make Baby Stuff – Baby crafts tutorials, instructions for how to make baby clothes, how to make baby toys and tons of DIY crafty projects for all things baby! Your how-to resource for baby’s homemade lifestyle.

Trade-Offs in the Baby Clothes Industry

Wind of freedom
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You can run fast, but not fast enough that you won’t have to make some trade-offs my friends.

So I’m currently taking a Business Strategy class (yes, I agree that it is surprising that I’m in business school)! That’s why I have Kristen design the clothes. That’s not to say that you couldn’t be in business school and be great at designing baby clothes…but I digress. Anyways, we’ve been talking about how companies have to make trade-offs and I think it is a good lesson not only for huge corporations, but also for each of us.

A trade-off as I will define it is basically saying “no” to opportunities that arise and that don’t fit within your business model. Let’s take a look at Blossom Baby Clothes for example. We have positioned ourselves as a cute baby clothes provider. There are a lot of different types of baby clothes out there: funny, political, punk, etc. We realize that there are potential customers out there searching for that type of clothing. However, we say “no” to offering those types of clothes (unless of course they are cute).

At this point you may be thinking, “why in the world would you pass up an opportunity to sell?” The truth is that it would ruin our brand. Let me offer an example to clarify what I’m talking about.

Continental Airlines is known as an upper-class airline. They have on-flight meals, a 1st class section, and comfortable planes. SouthWest Airlines on the other hand is low-cost airline. They don’t serve meals while in flight, they don’t have a 1st class section, and they use economical planes that are safe, but inexpensive. Everything about SouthWest is set up to be inexpensive, and everything about Continental is set up to be upper class.

Continental saw that SouthWest was making a lot of money and decided to offer a cheaply priced plane ticket. They set up what was called Continental Lite in order to make some more money. This turned out to be a disaster. Continental lost millions because they weren’t set up to be a low cost provider of flights. In addition to this, Continental managed to confuse and anger their customers because they weren’t sure what type of flight they were getting into.

There are numerous examples like this where the companies went away from their “core competency” and ended up losing big. So although it is tempting, Blossom Baby Clothes will say “no” to clothes that don’t fit well with our strategy. That strategy is to sell the cutest baby clothes on the net.

How This Applies To Life

This principle of trade-offs applies to our lives too! Although we would like to do everything, unfortunately we are physically incapable of doing it all. If you’re like me and you’re trying to start a new business, go to school, and raise a newborn then you might get discouraged sometimes. I’ve found that consciously choosing to make trade offs makes my life much better.

It is so hard to make trade-offs, but just remember what you are all about (what’s your brand) and do the things that matter most. I value my family first, and then my career. Almost every day I have to say to my self, “Self, you’re just going to have to let that item at school go. Your family is much more important and they are really what you’re all about.” I’m definitely not perfect at this, but I can promise you that as you consciously choose to make trade-offs in your life you will be a bit happier. Trade-offs will happen one way or another, don’t let them just happen, choose!


Two Lessons For Overcoming Obstacles

Colorado Sunset
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I don’t profess to be an expert in overcoming obstacles, but recently I’ve learned a few lessons about life that I would like to share with my readers. Hopefully these two lessons can help you reach your own potential.

Lesson 1: Enjoy, but beware of what I call the “Honeymoon Period”

After you overcome a huge obstacle in your life and I’m talking about something that has been holding you back for years, have you ever noticed a period where everything seems to go your way? It’s almost as if you are riding your bicycle up a very steep hill. For years and years you pedal, push, grunt, and huff to get to the top. Once you are at the top it’s almost as if the water fountain of blessings is turned on high and everything starts to go your way. My advice to you is to enjoy this period, but also to be careful with it.

While it is true that once we make it to the top of the hill we can glide for a while, eventually we will all hit the bottom. At first I thought that this was a horrible thing. I thought, “Why can’t we just enjoy our hard work?” I have to admit I was a little depressed about the whole law of nature that says what goes up must come down. However today it dawned on me that it is simply God providing a way for us to become even better people. If you don’t believe in God, then think of it as the Universe trying to help you reach your potential.

You see, life isn’t all about getting to the top and gliding–note that I italicized the word “all.” Some part of life is definitely about enjoying that exhilirating view and downward slope when you are on the top. The other part of life is developing yourself. The truth is you are getting stronger and in better shape when you climb that hill. After you reach the top, you are no longer developing. The world has a funny way of making sure we are progressing and I’m thankful for it.

Lesson 2: Stick-to-it-iveness

This word used to be a lot more common in our parent’s days. They had this strange idea that you had to work to get what you wanted. Very strange creatures they were. Nowadays we think that we can just throw up a website in 15 minutes, buy some sort of automated program that will solve all of our problems, and sit back and watch our online business flourish. I know that at least some people think this, because I definitely did when I started my baby onesies shop. You can imagine my surprise when it wasn’t an instant success.

Maybe, in part, we have forgotten this natural law because most of us aren’t farmers these days. A farmer knows that he can’t plant his crop in the morning, chuck some sort of miracle grow on it, and pull out the tractors to harvest it in the afternoon. It almost sounds ridiculous when you say it that way, but that is what most of us think when it comes to our online shops, whether they be baby related or not.

I can’t promise you huge successes if you follow these two principles, but I can promise you a more rewarding life (you will be developing yourself and reaching your own full potential).


Apart from just being a great place to shop, I was hoping that this site could turn into an online community. To achieve this, I decided to start a blog on the site. I hope to be posting regularly on the blog. And I hope that you will feel free to comment below.

Starting a website or a blog is a funny thing. You spend a lot of time setting it up and thinking of ideas that will hopefully be helpful to someone, but you have no idea if anyone will ever read what you have to say. I really love the baby clothes on this site, but I have no idea if anyone will ever even see them. I can only hope that others will somehow find their way to the site and that they will enjoy some of the same things that I do.

Are You about to Start Something New in Your Life?

Maybe you, like me are about to embark on a new adventure. What is it about starting that is so scary? For me, it is the fear of failure. I’ve been fairly successful in life, but I’ve also made a lot of goals that I never reached. Every time I start something new I think to myself “Am I going to stick with it? Or am I going to stop after a couple of weeks?” Here’s to sticking with it on my baby clothes website!

A Quote and an Invitation to Join Me

Here is a quote I like about starting and goal setting by Charles Jones. He says, “Everyone has a success mechanism and a failure mechanism. The failure mechanism goes off by itself. The success mechanism only goes off with a goal. Every time we write down and talk about a goal we push the button to start the success mechanism.”

Join me in talking about your goals by posting your goals in the comment box below.

My Goal: Sell the best baby onesies (and other clothes) on the Internet.