Handling Cute Baby Clothes

with Zahra
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Let’s face it, being a parent is tough. First time parents soon realize that taking care of a baby is a lot of work. Probably the most difficult part of being a parent is not really having any time for yourself. If your little one is awake, then you are watching them (even when they are asleep you are probably at least thinking about them). Being a parent is a full-time job that you never get to walk away from.

Being a parent is challenging, but rewarding. Although your newborn will cause you stress, sadness, and frustration, he or she will also bring you huge amounts of joy and happiness. Look for the little things about being a parent that make you happy; like buying your newborn some really cute baby clothes.

A baby in a cute outfit can bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, babies tend to get themselves dirty very often. Unfortunately, it is your job as the parent to try and keep the baby clean (a difficult task indeed). Washing baby clothes by hand takes a very long time. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure that the clothing you buy is machine washable. Most baby clothing nowadays are machine ready, but you’ll still want to check before purchasing, especially when you buy something expensive.

Here’s a major timesaving trick when you are a new parent and you are feeling overwhelmed. Often times babies will get a stain on their onesie or whatever type of clothing they are wearing. If you simply wait and then throw the stained clothing in the laundry later, you will find that the stain is never fully removed. The obvious solution is to stop and scrub the stain when it occurs. However, this is time consuming and sometimes you just don’t have the energy to stop every few hours and scrub out your baby’s newest mess. In these situations, you can set up a large bucket of water and detergent somewhere. The larger the bucket the better. When your baby does something that stains their clothing, simply throw the outfit into the bucket of water and detergent. Water has amazing corrosive abilities and over time it will erode the stain. Then, when you are ready, simply put the baby clothing through the normal washing cycle. This is a great way to keep your baby’s clothes clean without having to scrub every few hours.

Life as a parent is difficult, but when our babies are in cute baby clothing, it just seems to make life enjoyable. Trying to keep all of your baby’s clothes is difficult, but if you have a bucket of water and detergent set apart somewhere, you will save some time. And we all know that as parents, we just wish we had more time.


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