I know you have all seen them, those funny baby onesies with hilarious sayings on them. I’m not opposed to the traditional “Momma’s Girl” or “Daddy’s Boy” onesies, but I absolutely love the baby onesies with amusing sayings. Without further adieu, here are my top ten baby onesies’ sayings. If you have found other funny baby onesies’ sayings then please email them to me at blossombabyclothes(at)gmail(dot)com.funny baby onesies

*** You can put any of these or your own funny sayings on a onesie by visiting Cafepress’ Make Your Own Baby Onesie Page. Just choose what color of baby onesie you want, click “personalize this”, and type in your favorite funny saying. It literally only takes a few seconds.***

#10 For baby boys: “Got Boobs?” Playing off the “Got Milk?” slogan. You have to admit it’s a little bit funny, immature, but funny.

#9 For baby boys: “Lock Up Your Daughters” Imagine your cute little baby boy wearing one of these baby onesies. Most fathers will like this—it gives them some manly-man feelings, and mothers like to think their baby is cute, so, win win.

#8 For boys and girls: “No Mistletoe Needed.”This one might take some thought. Let’s admit it, babies get kissed more than we would like sometimes.

#7 For boys and girls: “Instructions not included.” Wouldn’t it be great if babies came with instructions? “If baby starts to misbehave, push the button on the back. If this doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer.” I guess prayer never hurts.

#6 For boys and girls: “Noone sleeps until I’m ready!” The truth hurts. funny onesies

#5 For boys and girls: “Meet the boss.” What’s good is that your new boss is cute. What’s bad is that you have to change your new boss’s diapers. Please don’t tell me you already do that with your current boss.

#4 For boys and girls: “Spoiled Rotten (my diaper that is.) Baby’s diapers can stink at times.

#3 For boys and girls: “Arrrr (picture of pirate) watch me booty.” Where do people come up with these?

#2 For boys and girls: “I’d rather be naked.” This is a classic baby onesies’ saying.

#1 For boys and girls: “Who you calling poopy?”

Looking for cute baby onesies? Try following that link. There you have it, the top 10 funniest sayings for baby onesies. Think there are funnier sayings out there for baby onesies? Submit your funny baby onesies sayings to blossombabyclothes(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll try to update this list on a regular basis.