Boys will be boys
Creative Commons License photo credit: mijori

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Seuss called the suits worn by the Cat’s accomplices in his book, The Cat in the Hat? Do you know what I am talking about? Okay. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the reckless behaving twins who bring nothing but nuisance as they jumble words. This book was published March 12, 1957 and showcased the twins sporting red sleepers that extended to all extremities.

Today, people call this type of clothing a onesie and it is worn by a lot of babies worldwide. The baby onesies name is actually a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear LLC. Due to its popularity as a brand, it has become a regular household term for bodysuits. This clothing is designed to hide a diaper when worn. Not only does this item conceal diapers from a baby’s spectators but it has also aided a lot of parents when it comes to diaper changing because of its easy snap-unsnap scheme.

Apart from being widely known as a onesie, this one-piece cottony leotard-like clothing but with sleeves and snaps is also called a bodysuit, onesize, mameluco, creeper, romper suits,  sleepers, Babygro, diaper shirts and Snapsuits. It is called bodysuit as a non-swimming wear while onesize is the American English term for bodysuit. Mameluco means “mono” in Spain that protects the entire body as one while creepers to indicate infant clothing. Romper suits are similar to a coverall. Sleepers because it is a sleeping wear like pyjamas. Babygro is another trademark brand for all-in-one baby suit that was invented in U.S. around 1950’s by Walter Artzt while diaper shirts as diaper keepers. And finally, Snapsuits was Wry Baby’s authorized word for a cotton one-piece style garment for babies.

Whatever they coin this item to be called, it only means a t-shirt like clothing with snaps at the crotch area. The snaps were made for a more convenient method of changing the baby’s diaper. All of its features are for the baby and parent’s comfort. It is invented to keep diapers in place which the adhesives of the diaper cannot assure. It is made of cotton because of the material’s durability that can withstand stretching which is good for babies because they grow fast. And since they mature quickly especially in length, extenders have been devised as well to make the lifespan of this clothing longer, hopefully until they reach the potty training stage. This thing has served well many families in terms of practicality – from being low-cost to easy baby handling, from trendy to personality showcasing. Truly, it is counted as one of the greatest attire ever created for babies.