Handling Cute Baby Clothes

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Let’s face it, being a parent is tough. First time parents soon realize that taking care of a baby is a lot of work. Probably the most difficult part of being a parent is not really having any time for yourself. If your little one is awake, then you are watching them (even when they are asleep you are probably at least thinking about them). Being a parent is a full-time job that you never get to walk away from.

Being a parent is challenging, but rewarding. Although your newborn will cause you stress, sadness, and frustration, he or she will also bring you huge amounts of joy and happiness. Look for the little things about being a parent that make you happy; like buying your newborn some really cute baby clothes.

A baby in a cute outfit can bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, babies tend to get themselves dirty very often. Unfortunately, it is your job as the parent to try and keep the baby clean (a difficult task indeed). Washing baby clothes by hand takes a very long time. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure that the clothing you buy is machine washable. Most baby clothing nowadays are machine ready, but you’ll still want to check before purchasing, especially when you buy something expensive.

Here’s a major timesaving trick when you are a new parent and you are feeling overwhelmed. Often times babies will get a stain on their onesie or whatever type of clothing they are wearing. If you simply wait and then throw the stained clothing in the laundry later, you will find that the stain is never fully removed. The obvious solution is to stop and scrub the stain when it occurs. However, this is time consuming and sometimes you just don’t have the energy to stop every few hours and scrub out your baby’s newest mess. In these situations, you can set up a large bucket of water and detergent somewhere. The larger the bucket the better. When your baby does something that stains their clothing, simply throw the outfit into the bucket of water and detergent. Water has amazing corrosive abilities and over time it will erode the stain. Then, when you are ready, simply put the baby clothing through the normal washing cycle. This is a great way to keep your baby’s clothes clean without having to scrub every few hours.

Life as a parent is difficult, but when our babies are in cute baby clothing, it just seems to make life enjoyable. Trying to keep all of your baby’s clothes is difficult, but if you have a bucket of water and detergent set apart somewhere, you will save some time. And we all know that as parents, we just wish we had more time.

History 101: Baby Onesies

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Have you ever wondered what Dr. Seuss called the suits worn by the Cat’s accomplices in his book, The Cat in the Hat? Do you know what I am talking about? Okay. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the reckless behaving twins who bring nothing but nuisance as they jumble words. This book was published March 12, 1957 and showcased the twins sporting red sleepers that extended to all extremities.

Today, people call this type of clothing a onesie and it is worn by a lot of babies worldwide. The baby onesies name is actually a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear LLC. Due to its popularity as a brand, it has become a regular household term for bodysuits. This clothing is designed to hide a diaper when worn. Not only does this item conceal diapers from a baby’s spectators but it has also aided a lot of parents when it comes to diaper changing because of its easy snap-unsnap scheme.

Apart from being widely known as a onesie, this one-piece cottony leotard-like clothing but with sleeves and snaps is also called a bodysuit, onesize, mameluco, creeper, romper suits,  sleepers, Babygro, diaper shirts and Snapsuits. It is called bodysuit as a non-swimming wear while onesize is the American English term for bodysuit. Mameluco means “mono” in Spain that protects the entire body as one while creepers to indicate infant clothing. Romper suits are similar to a coverall. Sleepers because it is a sleeping wear like pyjamas. Babygro is another trademark brand for all-in-one baby suit that was invented in U.S. around 1950’s by Walter Artzt while diaper shirts as diaper keepers. And finally, Snapsuits was Wry Baby’s authorized word for a cotton one-piece style garment for babies.

Whatever they coin this item to be called, it only means a t-shirt like clothing with snaps at the crotch area. The snaps were made for a more convenient method of changing the baby’s diaper. All of its features are for the baby and parent’s comfort. It is invented to keep diapers in place which the adhesives of the diaper cannot assure. It is made of cotton because of the material’s durability that can withstand stretching which is good for babies because they grow fast. And since they mature quickly especially in length, extenders have been devised as well to make the lifespan of this clothing longer, hopefully until they reach the potty training stage. This thing has served well many families in terms of practicality – from being low-cost to easy baby handling, from trendy to personality showcasing. Truly, it is counted as one of the greatest attire ever created for babies.

Dress Up Faster with Baby Onesies

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Nothing beats dressing up a baby with baby clothes like onesies. As the name suggests, you will just be using clothing that will cover the entire body of the baby. Baby onesies paved a new way in clothing design years ago and have proven they belong over the years.

Baby onesies are convenient because of buttons that are located at the bottom. This offers convenience when changing diapers. You would find it troublesome to dress up a baby with clothes that have not been strategically thought of. When the baby poops rather than having to undress the baby entirely or spending quite a lot of time just reaching for the diapers, use a onesie instead. It will save you time and allows easy access to the diapers.

Today, there are quite a lot of designs put into these baby onesies. Some even have punk designs for those parents who want their baby to look cool. There are also designs that have cute statements that you would just love to read over and over again while admiring how cute the baby is. Like any other baby clothes, onesies can be designed easily to make your baby look more adorable.

Onesies offer convenience on changing clothes at any time and place. It is faster to change a baby than that of two piece clothing. Just unlock the buttons and just take off the entire thing in just a few seconds. A moment later you will just slide in a new onesie and you’re all set to go. You and your baby will be able to enjoy more fun moments together.

Choose clothing that is comfortable for the baby. During summer when it is hot, having just a baby onesie and diaper will definitely help keep your baby cool. Due to being mass produced, you might want to check out the clothing properly being buying it. Choose those that have buttons that cannot annoy or harm the baby. Also choose onesies that allow you to easily change the diapers.

There are already quite a number of designers out there who create wonderful designs of onesies but you can do it too. Just get a plain onesie and take out some shape templates. Once you got the right shape and size of the design, you can then just stitch it directly on the onesie. And you can congratulate yourself that you’ve done a good job in designing the clothes of your baby.

Having trouble changing up your baby? Worry no more, save time during diaper changes by using a onesie.

Tips on Buying Cute Baby Onesies

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There are so many cute baby onesies on the market, that it can be hard to know which ones to buy, especially if you are a new parent.  If you are finding the volume of baby clothes (not to mention baby products) a bit overwhelming, then here are a few practical points to keep in mind when shopping for baby onesies, although some of these tips apply no matter what clothing item or items you are buying for your new little one:

  • You can often get cute baby onesies in a set, such as a set of three, five, or six baby boy or girl onesies.  This is often more affordable than buying the onesies individually.
  • If it is summer, then get not only short sleeved onesies, but also a few sleeveless ones for when it gets really hot.  Many new parents overdress their newborn baby; while a newborn does need to be kept warmer than an adult or young child, if you overdress baby, he or she is likely to get an uncomfortable heat rash. Getting cotton onesies for summer is a good idea as cotton is a cool material that allows air to circulate; it is also easy to wash and dry.
  • Name brand onesies are pricier than generic ones, but not necessarily better quality.  Often you are paying extra for the name brand or the Disney cartoon characters featured on the onesie or onesies.  You can get ones that are just as cute and just as good quality that feature more generic designs, such as teddy bears, flowers, polka dots, stripes, butterflies, etc.
  • Do not overdo when it comes to buying baby onesies.  In summer, you would only need about ten shorts sleeve and/or sleeveless onesies and several long sleeve ones in case the weather changes.  Also remember your baby will grow quite fast and buy not only newborn onesies but onesies in the three to six months range also.  Then you will have these on hand when you need them.
  • Buy onesies that are comfortable and easy to put on.  Many babies do not like to be dressed and undressed.

You may also find that buying the onesies you need second hand is both affordable and practical.  Many baby clothes that individuals sell are still in very good condition and you can get some very good prices by checking out garage sales and your newspaper’s classifieds.

Buying Cute Baby Girl Clothes New or Second Hand

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Cute baby girl clothes come in all styles, materials and brand names.  If you are buying baby girl clothes new but have a limited budget and want to get a good price, then a few things to be aware of are:

  • – Do not buy high end name brand clothes.  While these clothes are often downright adorable, it costs a lot more to buy something with a famous name brand than it does to buy the exact same item made by a generic name brand, and often, the generic name brand is just as good quality.
  • – Baby clothes featuring famous Disney characters such as Disney Princesses or Winnie the Pooh are likely to cost a lot more than baby clothes with butterflies, flowers, polka dots, stripes, and other generic designs.
  • – Buying clothes by sets is often more affordable than getting individual items.  For example, you can buy a pack with three, five or six baby onesies for a better price than you would get if you were buying the onesies individually.  Socks and Bibs are often also sold by sets too.
  • – Where you buy also affects the price.  Ross offers good deals although what kind of selection they have on baby girl clothes varies from store to store.  Wal-Mart sometimes has some good deals as well.

While there are advantages to buying baby girl clothes new, you can also get some very good deals buying the clothes second hand.  Many discount clothing stores offer baby clothes in all sizes and styles second hand and you can also go to garage sales or check out craigslist.com to find individual sellers offering baby clothes for sale.

If you are buying newborn baby clothes, then these are not hard to get in good condition second hand.  Newborn babies often outgrow their clothes quickly, in fact, many mothers have brand new clothes that they never had a chance to put on their little one, or perhaps the baby has only worn the clothing item or items once or twice.  Buying such items second hand is a great bargain, as then you get new or near new clothes at only a fraction of the price.

Check out any baby clothes you want to buy carefully.  Remember than when buying clothes second hand from an individual, you can not get a refund or return your purchase.  Make sure the clothes do not have breast milk stains, as these do not come out, and make sure they are in good condition and good quality.

Baby Onesies with Gloves

While baby onesies are terrific, they do lack one aspect that other baby clothes can provide: gloves. Normally onesies don’t really cover your baby’s arms. They definitely don’t cover your baby’s hands even if you get long sleeves. Why is this a problem you ask? For some unknown reason, babies love to scratch themselves, a lot.

Not all babies will be born with long fingernails which may prevent this scratching problem; my son was not so fortunate. From the minute he came out of the womb, he was scratching himself on the face (really hard to watch). Babies’ hands are inexplicably drawn towards their faces, one of the many discoveries I’ve learned about babies. As you can see in this photo, my baby boy is trying to scratch his face; however, the gloves that are built on to his baby clothes are not allowing him to do so. I’ve yet to run into any baby onesies that come with this feature, if you find any then please let me know where in the comment box found below.

Some may say that not having hand protection is a weakness of baby onesies. While I agree with this sentiment, it is also important to note that this problem can be easily resolved by buying baby gloves. Feel free to post good locations to buy baby gloves in the comment box below.

Trade-Offs in the Baby Clothes Industry

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You can run fast, but not fast enough that you won’t have to make some trade-offs my friends.

So I’m currently taking a Business Strategy class (yes, I agree that it is surprising that I’m in business school)! That’s why I have Kristen design the clothes. That’s not to say that you couldn’t be in business school and be great at designing baby clothes…but I digress. Anyways, we’ve been talking about how companies have to make trade-offs and I think it is a good lesson not only for huge corporations, but also for each of us.

A trade-off as I will define it is basically saying “no” to opportunities that arise and that don’t fit within your business model. Let’s take a look at Blossom Baby Clothes for example. We have positioned ourselves as a cute baby clothes provider. There are a lot of different types of baby clothes out there: funny, political, punk, etc. We realize that there are potential customers out there searching for that type of clothing. However, we say “no” to offering those types of clothes (unless of course they are cute).

At this point you may be thinking, “why in the world would you pass up an opportunity to sell?” The truth is that it would ruin our brand. Let me offer an example to clarify what I’m talking about.

Continental Airlines is known as an upper-class airline. They have on-flight meals, a 1st class section, and comfortable planes. SouthWest Airlines on the other hand is low-cost airline. They don’t serve meals while in flight, they don’t have a 1st class section, and they use economical planes that are safe, but inexpensive. Everything about SouthWest is set up to be inexpensive, and everything about Continental is set up to be upper class.

Continental saw that SouthWest was making a lot of money and decided to offer a cheaply priced plane ticket. They set up what was called Continental Lite in order to make some more money. This turned out to be a disaster. Continental lost millions because they weren’t set up to be a low cost provider of flights. In addition to this, Continental managed to confuse and anger their customers because they weren’t sure what type of flight they were getting into.

There are numerous examples like this where the companies went away from their “core competency” and ended up losing big. So although it is tempting, Blossom Baby Clothes will say “no” to clothes that don’t fit well with our strategy. That strategy is to sell the cutest baby clothes on the net.

How This Applies To Life

This principle of trade-offs applies to our lives too! Although we would like to do everything, unfortunately we are physically incapable of doing it all. If you’re like me and you’re trying to start a new business, go to school, and raise a newborn then you might get discouraged sometimes. I’ve found that consciously choosing to make trade offs makes my life much better.

It is so hard to make trade-offs, but just remember what you are all about (what’s your brand) and do the things that matter most. I value my family first, and then my career. Almost every day I have to say to my self, “Self, you’re just going to have to let that item at school go. Your family is much more important and they are really what you’re all about.” I’m definitely not perfect at this, but I can promise you that as you consciously choose to make trade-offs in your life you will be a bit happier. Trade-offs will happen one way or another, don’t let them just happen, choose!



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