tokidoki onesies
Creative Commons License photo credit: love♡janine

Gone are the days of exclusively plain white baby onesies. Now the baby onesie is a must-have in every baby wardrobe, not just for convenience, but for style. Baby can wear different colors, sayings, and pictures without you having to deal with both a shirt and a onesie (which was often formerly used as an undershirt only). And the great news is that baby can’t read yet, so he won’t object when you make him don that “I’d Rather Be Naked” onesie (while it may still be true when he’s 10, chances are he won’t approve). You can even get polo onesies, which add a little class to baby’s wardrobe.

Of course, we have the regular baby onesie with either short or long sleeves in a variety of colors and prints. The regular onesie is pulled over baby’s head and generally has three snaps at the bottom to keep it in place. The regular onesie is by far the most common, thus making it easiest to find and generally the cheapest.

The kimono baby onesie (also referred to as “side snap onesie”) is a great option because mom doesn’t have to pull anything over baby’s head – which makes both involved parties happy, especially at first when baby’s neck isn’t very strong and mom isn’t as practiced with baby-dressing. With a kimono baby onesie, you simply place the baby in the onesie, wrap it around him and fasten in place, thus avoiding the awkward over-the-head yanking. Plus, the kimono baby onesie offers a unique look over the regular onesie, and comes in some ever-so-cute varieties.

Another great yank-decreasing alternative is the baby onesie with two snaps near the neck. While this doesn’t entirely eliminate the over-the-head pulling, it does make it significantly easier. If baby has a larger than average head (bless your soul for giving him birth), these onesies make a fantastic choice.
Snap extenders are also available for your sumo-legs little one, or if junior hits a growth spurt and suddenly gets taller than his onesie. These extenders snap to either side of the bottom three snaps on baby’s onesie, increasing the length, leg room, and overall life of the onesie.

So whether ease or style is your main concern, the baby onesie has just what you’re looking for.